Qualifying and Closing in 90 Days with Email Marketing

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A recent survey by Kissmetrics identified the most effective, digital lead generation tool as email. So why are so many ignoring it, or blasting away like it was 1999?

Because they don’t understand the lead generation process, and how to match your message to your target audience over 90 days. In this webinar we’ll cover how to design, create, and distribute targeted email automations that will separate the valuable leads from the many that do not take action.

We’ll cover:

  1. The most important element of every email (and one most think about at the end, at the last minute);
  2. How to determine what content, and when to send the emails;
  3. How many days should separate your emails;
  4. How to separate the qualified leads from those that don’t take auction;
  5. How to automate email inactivity and gain more leads (this alone is the missing link);
  6. Why you should clean your list every 6 months at least of those who do not open and click, and why it may be ruining your email marketing even if you don’t know it.

Photo Credit: Beth Kanter

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