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This webinar is perfect for those involved in marketing planning and achieving marketing objectives. If you have increasing accountability for revenue goals, that is a good thing (even though it may not feel like it now!). In fact, 2017 research has identified that 62% of B2B companies report achieving or even exceeding revenue goals as a direct result of increased marketing responsibility for revenues.

With increasing focus from the C-suite and your finance counterparts on where marketing budgets are being spent, and what revenues are being generated as a result, it is important to optimize your marketing operations. A focus on strategic planning to lay the foundations for success, establishing the right resources to deliver the programs, and systems to generate real insights on results are critical. This webinar will introduce you to the concept of Marketing Performance Management as an essential component of successful marketing, and provide a framework for success for budget optimization, and ultimately achieving your revenue goals.

Learn about the new ‘4 Ps’ of marketing:

  • Planning:

o   Strategic marketing planning to lay the foundation for success

  • Process

o   Setting and managing budgets

o   Resource assessment

o   Systems and tools to help

  • Partnership

o   Effective marketing partner selections

  • Perfection

o   Measurement that matters

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