How To Use Content To Create a Permanent Marketing Advantage

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Over the years, marketers have become used to renting “disposable” advertising and other placements that only provide ROI for a defined period of time. Now, with the much heralded advent of inbound marketing, it has become possible to do something completely different; to create a marketing “machine” that directly accesses your precise marketing niche and automatically takes them through a journey to the sale.

But how? Most marketers that we talk to who have tried to generate traction with their own content marketing report limited, if any, real success in generating significant real engagement and sales. If that describes your situation, this presentation will help.

I’ll demonstrate exactly how Bitesize Bio rose from kitchen table blog into a content hub that now attracts and engages over 4 million researchers per year. That’s evergreen traffic that requires very little effort to maintain, and is in fact easy to grow with adequate resourcing and by following a simple process.

I’ll explain what makes Bitesize Bio different from virtually every other blog in this sector, with concepts and actionable strategies that you can apply to your own company blog to make it work better for you.

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