How to Unlock S2S Marketing and Open Doors to Life Science Companies

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If you want to seriously grow your science marketing you will need a tested, well thought out plan. This webinar serves as the framework for your plan.

For the past 5 years, Life Science marketing has revealed the Scientist’s Customer Journey, from first contact to becoming a customer, takes 90 Days to over a year to close. That means that your target audience is not waiting to buy, or even requesting quotes and demos because they are interested now.

They are figuring things out, like efficient scientists. You are selling them early, which is not efficient. You need to gain their trust and guide them because only 1 out of 3 people in your funnel are even ready to purchase, or to move the purchase inside their organization to get approvals.

Here’s the way to do it, the scientific way, that begins with people.

When you complete this plan, you’ll have a guide showing you:

  • Who your target audience will be, and 3 specific Personas to focus on;
  • How you’ll reach them – what keywords and social channels work;
  • How you’ll get them to purchase (and how long it takes);
  • What you’ll do to make them customers and keep purchasing year after year.

Skipping any part of this 3-step science marketing plan will seriously impact your ability to create customers. Maybe you’ll follow your boss’s whim, throwing money at AdWords with conversion to customer rates that don’t match your results, because the audience doesn’t know you and isn’t ready to buy right now!

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