Marketing Paradigms

How to Unlock S2S Marketing and Open Doors to Life Science Companies

If you want to seriously grow your science marketing you will need a tested, well thought out plan. This webinar serves as the framework for your plan.

For the past 5 years, Life Science marketing has revealed the Scientist’s Customer Journey, from first contact to becoming a customer, takes 90 Days to over a year to close. That means that your target audience is not waiting to buy, or even requesting quotes and demos because they are interested now.

Brands We Like, And Why We Like Them – A Customer Panel

Our customer panels enable you to get into the minds of your market and understand their perspective on how they are being marketed to and what turns them toward and away from the sale. The customer panel contains 2-5 lab-based researchers who will answer questions that are posed by the live audience or mailed to the moderator ahead of the broadcast.

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