Marketing Paradigms

How To Use Content To Create a Permanent Marketing Advantage

Over the years, marketers have become used to renting “disposable” advertising and other placements that only provide ROI for a defined period of time. Now, with the much heralded advent of inbound marketing, it has become possible to do something completely different; to create a marketing “machine” that directly accesses your precise marketing niche and automatically takes them …

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What is Marketing Strategy and Why Does It Matter in Life Science?

There is often confusion within Life Science organisations about the difference between strategy, branding and marketing. Should organisations be doing all 3 and who should be responsible for each? While strategy has mainly focussed on achieving competitive advantage and marketing has concentrated on driving sales, the sources of competitive advantage have shifted bringing strategy and marketing closer together with a common purpose to better serve the customer.

What Marketing Is Working on the Web Today

The internet has been cheered as a marketer’s paradise. It moves fast, returns results fast, and gives unprecedented measurement opportunities.

However that speed can work against you, and so can the siren song of measurability. In this webinar you will learn what is works today and more importantly, what is losing ground. You will learn what approaches have a future and those that don’t. Finally, you will learn what measurements to use and when — and why your experienced gut still matters when it comes to marketing campaigns.

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