Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Life Science Marketing Society is to build a library and community offering real training, support and insight to life science marketers. 

As you progress in your career as a life science marketer, everyone one day wakes up with the same epiphany: Marketing is completely different from science.

Everyone in life science who wants to achieve excellence in marketing (especially those who themselves began their careers as scientists) has a tough job on his or her hands.

Ask yourself if these limitations are true at your company:

  • Too much of our marketing is not very effective.
  • The majority of our marketing is short-term in focus.
  • Most of our marketing timidly paddles in familiar one-dimensional, outdated tactics rather than courageously wading into modern, current strategies that offer clarity, impact and measurability.

We're here to help you fix ALL that.

Effective marketing funnels are (and must be) multifaceted. The skills and actions required to ATTRACT and ENGAGE an audience are completely separate from those needed to CONVERT them into leads and ultimately into sales.

When you build the proper foundation to ATTRACT and ENGAGE, CONVERSION becomes both inexpensive and almost effortless. Yet most life science marketing departments spend most of their time and budget ineffectively struggling to convert.

When you combine best practices to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT, you achieve results you once thought were impossible. And in the process, you garner a lot more satisfaction and collect a lot less stress!

The Life Science Marketing Society helps you get there. It is a place where you receive free expert input across all three of these required pillars of marketing. It is a place where we all sharpen our collective excellence.

The Life Science Marketing Society offers bold, current solutions that incorporate the best of marketing strategies and practices gathered from top marketers in our own industry and beyond. And if you (yes, you!) have something valuable of your own to say, we give you the platform to shine.

The Life Science Marketing Society is 100% free to Industry Members. We’re here, just like you, to follow our curiosity, and to learn new ideas, outlooks and tactics which enable us all to better serve our customers and to produce satisfying, measurable results for our companies.

We hope you find this Society useful. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better, please get in touch. And don’t worry – it’s very difficult to hurt our feelings!!