In our years developing the Bitesize Bio community as a scientific resource and - later - as a marketing vehicle, we noticed something: Marketing is completely different from

So scientists like us who want to achieve excellence in marketing have a tough job on our hands.

In working with life science marketers we find the job is indeed tough. Much life science marketing is not very effective. It is short-term in focus. And it tends to timidly paddle in familiar one-dimensional, outdated tactics rather than courageously wade into modern, current strategies that offer clarity, impact and measurability.

We're here to help you fix that.

Building Bitesize Bio into the vast resource it is today involved a lot of trial and error and banging our heads against the proverbial wall. Late nights, false starts, mind-bendingly frustrating dead ends - yup, we've had them all.

But somewhere along the way, it all came together. We made it.

And we realized something extremely important:

The skills and strategies required to ATTRACT and ENGAGE an audience are completely different from those you need to CONVERT them into leads.

Bitesize Bio wasn't originally founded as a commercial venture. We just wanted to help, and be heard. Because of that, we spent years focusing purely on how to ATTRACT and ENGAGE.

We ended up with a large, highly engaged - and now highly profitable - audience, all without trying to sell anything to anyone. Counter-intuitive? You bet. But herein lies the key to success further down the funnel.

Much more recently, we learned best practices for conversion and implemented them on Bitesize Bio. The results have been almost unbelievable - and they underscore our epiphany:

When you build the proper foundation to ATTRACT and ENGAGE, conversion becomes both inexpensive and almost effortless.

Yet most life science marketing departments spend 90% of their time and budget trying to CONVERT.

If you can succeed at all three of these disciplines in combination, you'll achieve results you once thought impossible. And in the process, you'll have a lot more fun and a
lot less stress!

The Life Science Marketing Society is our effort to help you get there. A place where you can get expert input and best practices across all three pillars of marketing excellence, free of charge. A place where we help you sharpen your excellence while we sharpen ours.

You will see that Bitesize Bio is prominently visible as a contributing member of this community but we are hardly alone. The Society offers bold, current solutions that incorporate the best of marketing practices and strategies gathered from top internet marketers. And if you (yes, you!) have something valuable of your own to say, we'll give you a platform.

Maybe you’ll do business with us at Bitesize Bio. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, we’re here to help - and the Life Science Marketing Society is 100% free. We’re here, just like you, to follow our curiosity, and to learn new ideas, strategies and tactics which enable us to both better serve our customers and produce satisfying measurable results.

We hope you find this Society useful. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better, please get in touch. And don’t worry -- it’s very difficult to hurt our feelings!!

To your enduring success,

Nick Oswald
Harrison Wright

Nick Oswald

Kenneth Vogt

Harrison Wright